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World Events

Security, Accreditation and Event Management Solutions

Screen shot 2014-05-08 at 3.01.42 PMA secure World Event environment is fundamentally important for a successful event. Our overarching objective is to find the most appropriate and cost-effective way of minimising risk through a combination of procedural, personnel and physical measures.

We are mindful that our product, services and advice must at all times contribute to and enhance the safety and security of the event. The following points underpin our approach to all events:

  • Base all security controls on a thorough risk assessment
  • Protect people from violence and intimidation
  • Protect official resources and information from unauthorised access, disclosure or compromise
  • Prevent unauthorised people gaining access to certain locations and/or official resources that could cause embarrassment to the event host
  • Protect property from damage
  • Anticipate any changes to event specific threats, and provide for rapid escalation of security measures, and
  • Ensure that the proceedings are conducted without disruption or interference in order to realise the intended meeting outcomes.
By partnering with Centium Software and Touchpoint Meeting Services we are able to offer our clients a unique product and service offering across a range of event types. We have discovered that our combined capabilities, experience and subject matter expertise in the areas of event security, event management software, registration, accreditation, card production and physical access control, fills a gap that for most event organisers is problematic and time and resource intensive. It’s in these areas that we can truly add value.

In our experience, we have found that by freeing the event organising committee and allowing the team to actually manage the event, whilst we attend to managing all the intricate moving parts, contributes greatly towards delivering a successful event.

The following describes the experience, product and services offered by Centium, Touchpoint and Neal Consulting Solutions.
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NEAL Consulting Solutions

In the context of a major event, we complement the work of Centium Software and Touchpoint Meeting Services by providing overarching project management services ensuring a coordinated and integrated approach to all activities and services provided by the group.

Managing Director, Dave NEAL has extensive experience as the Accreditation Director for several major events including APEC 2007, World Youth Day 2008, Pacific Islands Forum 2009, CHOGM 2011 and as the Project Manager and Accreditation Consultant for CHOGM 2013 Sri Lanka.

As part of our integrated World Event offering, we provide detailed expert advice in relation to major event accreditation, related security measure’s including event and venue based security risk assessments, the deployment of venue based physical access control, in addition to the management of individual access privileges and secure venue zoning.

With a foundation in law enforcement, we are also able to work collaboratively with local police authorities and other government agencies in relation to all security aspects of your event. Our experience in the fields of Protective Security and Major Event Management ensures that you will receive expert advice based on contemporary experience and knowledge in relation to services such as:

  • Security background checks for meeting attendees
  • Establishing an accreditation department including staff roles, responsibilities and duty statements
  • Developing an accreditation programme area project plan for the life of the event
  • Developing and documenting the accreditation operations plan
  • Advice in relation to card design, anti- counterfeit measures and access control card technology

Centium Software

Centium’s World Event solutions use the proven power of EventsPro® (EventsPro® Event Management Software) as the solution core. Their hands-on, experienced team of solution architects can customise their end-to-end solutions to meet each client’s specific needs, streamlining the complexity of managing large-scale global events. Centium can offer a range of event management software solutions in relation a wide range of event elements including:

  • Accommodation
  • Arrivals and Departures
  • Hospitality and Protocol
  • Motor vehicle accreditation
  • Transport

Centium’s solutions harness their world-leading, easy to use, event management system EventsPro® that has been providing benchmark technology to the events industry for over 25 years. The flexible structure of EventsPro® has been put to the test time and time again and never fails to manage even the most complex and intricate events with ease and accuracy. Centium also provides access control software in the form of AccessPoint® which is the physical access control module to EventsPro®. Find out more about Centium Software

Touchpoint Meeting Services

Touchpoint has a wealth of experience accumulated through years of delivering services and solutions to global conferences. This has equipped them with a deep understanding of the complex accreditation requirements that underpin these unique and demanding world events. They provide an experienced and expert team of professionals that can implement an end-to-end accreditation solution for your event. Touchpoint’s highly experienced staff have integrated seamlessly into a number of high profile, global government and sporting events including APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Community), CHOGM (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting) PIF (Pacific Island Forum) and Rugby World Cup. Touchpoint provides a total registration solution for a conference or an event from building the online registration form and maintaining the conference database, right through to printing name badges and greeting delegates onsite at the registration desk. They specialise in registration and delegate management with a focus on looking after your event attendees and their needs. Find out more about Touchpoint Meeting Services