Strategic Executive Protection

Strategic Executive Protection

NEAL Consulting Solutions and Touchpoint place an emphasis on the unobtrusive delivery of services and product whilst still maintaining a focus on achieving key strategic and operational goals.

Four principles guide our proactive approach to these assignments: Threat Analysis, Planning, Logistics (which includes Event Management Services) and Emergency Response.

Threat/Risk Assessment

Our services include a comprehensive threat and risk assessment in order to best mitigate identified risks. All assessments comply with ISO 31000:2009, Risk management – Principles and guidelines.

Advance Planning

Our security planning process is designed to anticipate and avoid danger and develop a security programme capable of dealing with all identified risks to the assignment.

Our advance planning is broken down into 3 phases, namely:

• Pre advance.
• Trip advance.
• Site advance.


Our focus around logistics is to ensure that everything is in the right place at the right time and achieved cost-effectively. Our edict in this regard is to achieve operational flexibility through means of integrated efficient and effective communications.

Emergency Response

Our services include the preparation of an Emergency Response Plan, which addresses:

• Evacuation.
• Severe Weather/Tornado Sheltering.
• Shelter-In-Place.
• Lockdown.
• Medical Emergency.
• Fire Emergency.
• Property Conservation.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

We are also able to provide a range of TSCM services in partnership with a well-respected and renowned Sydney based company. These services include:

• Technical and Physical Inspection (detection of electronic eavesdropping and covert electronic surveillance).
• Counter Espionage (preventative TSCM consulting).

Secure Mobile Communications and Network Infrastructure

Our combined capabilities also extend to the provision of secure mobile communications (voice, video and data) and network infrastructure for the assignment if required. This includes:

• Secure Voice and SMS (use of portable radio transceivers).
• Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) – quick deploy mini tactical PTZ cameras and monitoring capability.
• Data (provision of a secure data communications).

Medical Services

Our combined offering also extends to the provision of professional global travel medical assistance. Essentially, three services are offered to assist short-term executive assignments:

• Pre Mission Health Assessment.
• Destination Facilities Advice.
• Medical Assistance Supervisory Service.

Media Services

We can also provide specialist media services consultancy services that focus on media liaison, logistics and photographic/video capture and dissemination.

Likely outcomes include:

• Improved access and subsequent coverage of media events.
• Efficient management of media at events via a secure accreditation process.

Touchpoint Secure Event Management Services:

Touchpoint are a hand-picked team of experienced event professionals that specialise in secure accreditation management, access control and technology services for major global events.

Event Registration Portal:

If the assignment includes a number of meetings or events, Touchpoint can provide a secure web registration portal that will collect both individual and group registration details for internal and external attendees.

Attendee Accreditation:

Touchpoint can also monitor the ongoing registration process and provide regular reporting.
Accreditation Pass Production:

A key component to the accreditation data management can be the assignment of access privileges for the purposes of credential production and access control. Should electronic access control be required, credentials can be programmed so that passes will allow access only to certain parts of a meeting or only access a meeting on certain days.

Access Control:

If required, we are able to create and map temporary access control zones in relation to any venue that requires an access control security overlay.

Onsite Services:

We can provide experienced staff onsite to perform the following services:
• Distribution of meeting credentials to all attendees.
• Process new registrations (including new credentials) for any new attendee’s onsite.
• Reprint credentials for any passes that are lost or damaged.
• Cancel electronic access for any lost/damaged passes (if electronic access control is applicable).
• Be on hand to answer any queries related to attendee/meeting information and run reports as necessary.


These services include management of airline travel for all the principals, including departures and arrivals, transportation to and from the airport and baggage handling.
We also offer contingency planning with regard to alternative modes of transport if primary methods fail. We ensure the appropriate level of security associated with ground transportation in terms of proper vehicle selection, the number of people to be moved, and the environment they’ll be moving in, as well driver selection and associated briefings.
For further information or an obligation free discussion, please contact us.

World Events

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NEAL Consulting Solutions, in conjunction with Centium Software and Touchpoint Meeting Services, offer comprehensive security, access control and accreditation solutions to corporate, political and sporting events.
We provide expert advice, risk management, access control implementation and credential production and distribution.
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Strategic Executive Protection

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